Bolt There Now.


Bolt the last mile.

Too far to walk, too close for a car? Hop on a Bolt scooter, and zip to your destination at 15 KM/hr for rides starting at just $1. And it’s kind of fun, might make you go Wheee!

Works easy peasy.


Search the nearest Bolt scooters on the Bolt app.


Wear a helmet, zip straight to your destination.


Drop the scooter off at the designated parking zone.

Let’s pledge to be safe.

We want your trip to be fast, fun, and most importantly, safe. Always wear a helmet, follow laws and regulations, and keep a vigilant eye when you are riding.

Study the safety protocols

Helping cities run better.

We are eager to work with public administrators and transportation departments which want to introduce new forms of transportation that are affordable, reduce congestion and reduce traffic pollution. We solve problems in close coordination with agencies and communities to come up with flexible solutions.